Wednesday, 3 November 2010

SOCA You Cannot Be Serious

How much longer are you going to keep turning a blind eye to this little earner? Although I shouldn't call it little should I, it's far from that. A two million pound scam based on what, Gerry McCann's say so? And that's all there is, there's as much evidence for an abduction as there is evidence that you're doing your job. Call yourselves officers of the law, professional men of supposed integrity, you show about as much professionalism and as much integrity as do this lot featured on the rest of these pages. At least there's one consolation, you don't have a link from your website to McCann's ongoing fraud, not like some fuckers I could mention.

Irrespective, not good enough, not good enough by far, has the ability but must try harder.

This is the latest from the flim flam man, only the relevant half, I couldn't bear posting the rest of his shite here. I don't have to pick it apart for you do I, no of course I don't?

......Looking for our daughter is not without significant cost.

Another way you can show your support is by continuing to help us fund the search for Madeleine.

To carry on searching for Madeleine and to ensure that the process has continued in a meaningful and proactive way, we have been able to utilise the generous donations paid in to Madeleine’s Fund by the general public, libel damages paid to ourselves and our friends and money raised through a variety of fund-raising efforts. The fund has allowed;

* Our investigation team of ex-police officers to operate and conduct enquiries in the UK, Portugal and further afield.

* A Portuguese assistant/translator.

* A 24 hour telephone line with translators to receive information from the public

* Media liaison in Portugal and the UK to ensure that we convey the simple factual messages: there is absolutely no evidence that Madeleine has been physically harmed; we must keep looking for her and those who took her. (Fuck me, not again.)

* Awareness campaigns in Portugal, Spain and further afield.

* Website hosting and development and social network site campaigns to raise awareness through the internet

* A part-time campaign coordinator

If Madeleine's Fund remains as it is, with the current rate of expenditure, it will run out in Spring 2011. This would essentially mean that any kind of proactive search for Madeleine would cease. So again we need your help. If you can, please consider donating to Madeleine's fund.

* £1 pays for the multi-lingual call centre availability for 1 hour

* £2 per month pays for 12 travel packs that are distributed to holidaymakers going all over the world

* £10 pays for 1000 posters that are translated and distributed across the world.

* £25 pays for the access to a 24 hour multi-lingual telephone service for 1 day

* £50 pays for the running costs of investigation office (and staff) for 2 hours

* £420 pays for 10,000 multi-lingual prayer cards for Madeleine, with photograph and contact details (Prayer cards! fucking prayer cards! give me fucking strength!)

Someone knows what has happened to Madeleine. We simply need to reach that person. We need to obtain that key piece of information, that ‘missing piece of the jigsaw’. One call may be all we need to find Madeleine and who took her.

Our little girl is now seven years old; innocent, vulnerable and waiting to be found. Please, please sign the petition and help us to find her.

On behalf of my family, thank you.