Thursday, 4 November 2010

Officials of Charity Groups Spoke of Him in Glowing Terms

I seam to have heard much and similar of late, (Jim Gamble) but aren't they all wonderful, until they are found out that is. Or even as we see in the case in question, seemingly still wonderful, even after being found out to be the bent twat that he was.

I came across a little something today (hard copy scanned) and a couple of things caught my interest. The first being the similarity of the messages of support for this clearly corrupt sonofabitch. The second reason, there was involved, something justice for Madeleine McCann so desperately needs, the involvement of a whistleblower. Last and least; when I were nowt but a lad, Chief Constable Stanley Parr and I lived on the same street.

Provincial towns being what they are, not surprisingly I could find little on Parr's attempts to reduce the charges in a double homicide case. There are bits like this below, scattered among not a catalogue, but an encyclopaedia of graft, corruption, politicking and general skulduggery that takes one's breath away.

Private Eye magazine revealed Bill Harrison's part in the campaign against Oyston and said that it stemmed from a road accident when his daughter's car killed two young mothers. After a newspaper campaign by the Lancashire Evening Post, Chief Constable Stanley Parr had been sacked for reducing the charges against Bill Harrison's daughter. More, The Lobster-1988 , not everyone's cup of tea, but then what is?

And perhaps it will come as no surprise, Parr was a mason, even getting pride of place below.

I shall leave you to find your own reviews for the mentioned Stephen Knight's book "The Brotherhood"

But lots of Masonic goodies here at: