Monday, 11 October 2010

Friends In High Places

Just a little something I tripped over the other day. I don't suppose it needs further comment.

[Gerry McCann]So when we came back to United Kingdom we felt that we had to do that to protect ourselves from the intrusion. We did try and combat these negative stories and really we had a trial by media at this point. The criminal lawyers who were appointed to defend us had multiple visits to the editors of all the national newspapers along with our spokesperson. And I can tell you that they assured the editors that there was not a shred of evidence to back up these wild allegations.

There was a letter from the chief constable of Leicestershire police who was leading the investigation from the United Kingdom end, urging restraint in the coverage and emphasising that many of the stories that were published, had no grain of truth to them. gerrymccannsblogs

But here's a comment from some forum or other that I saved some while ago. Now you would be forgiven if you thought it pertained to our Matty, but no; even though the cap fits perfectly, it was in actual fact describing he that is soon to be gone; Saint James of the CEOP.

How bizarre that given that Madeleine's fate is still unknown, senior policemen are sharing a platform with the statistically most likely person to know her fate and the last person to see her alive. Even if one is convinced of the parents innocence it is an inexplicable way for a police officer to behave.