Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Well Bugger Me!

Hey up! I said hey up, what's going on? Is there a bit o'summat in t'wind? there has to be, there has to be a bit o'summat lurking round corner. Aye summats going on, I'll stand drop o' York if thar ain't.

Tha knows what I'm on about lads dunt tha, link to scam site, tha's teken it down after how long? three is it, three, three and 'alf bleedin years, by gum lads that's a long time to be conspiring to defraud, an' you lads coppers n'all.

Well it's gone, just disappeared like, just like that wee bairn did, didn't get abducted did it? no of course not. Why though, that's question, tha's one thing for sure, tha didn't take it down out of embarrassment or shame, because tha's bloody got none, not a drop not a scrap, tha's got abart as much of them kind of qualities as thar as evidence that wee lass were abducted in t'first place. And we both know how much o'that there is don't we? If t'evidence were bread tha'd be buggered, nowt to spread thi dripping on, nowt at all.

Well, don't suppose there's much point in me rattling on abart it, we can wonder all we wants, but you buggers won't be saying a lot will thee? 'Praps summat 'l come art one day, when shit hits fan like, aye when shit hits fan n'all the twats get theirs. Justice it's called, but what do you buggers know about that?

Anyway, I've bin teckin a bit o'thar advice like, mekin a few suggestions o' me own, see how tha gets on wi'em.