Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Leicestershire Constabulary. Not Good Enough

Not good enough by far.

The world's most famous child, British subject and Leicestershire resident, Madeleine McCann, is missing from your patch and you are trying to tell us it's none of your business because it's a Portuguese affair!

Is that it, is that your best shot? Have you any idea what such a statement says? it doesn't say inept, it doesn't say irresponsible, it doesn't even say derelict in duty, it says corrupt.

Unarguably and unequivocally corrupt, that's what it says. A three year old girl goes missing, and it's none of your business, will you stop!

I was about to appeal to you that you do your duty, but to what ends? you haven't so far, and even less likely that you start doing so now. But I will appeal, if there is a man among you that is, if there is a man among you, will one of you blow the whistle and put an end to this obscenity?

Be a cop or be a man, either will do.

4min 40sec: Do you consider the possibility of Madeleine no longer being alive?