Friday, 14 May 2010

Sir Ian Andrews. You Cannot Be Serious Organised Crime Agency


Sir Ian, you cannot call yourselves the Serious Organised Crime Agency and allow this blatant fraud to continue.

I have no intention of arguing a case for why you should act on this matter. If it is not by now patently obvious, to you and your Senior Officers why this fraud must be stopped, then you are all in the wrong job.

Or perhaps a change of title is required, either, The Seriously Inept Crime Squad, or The Seriously Corrupt Crime Squad. Which is it to be, it has to be one or the other by default?

If you choose not to put a stop to this fraud, and continue to sit on the sidelines, then the only thing serious about your organisation, will be a serious lack of credibility. The same lack of credibility now enjoyed by the CEOP, directly as a result of their blatantly corrupt stance on this matter.

SOCA, without affirmative action in the very near future; this will be your credibility.