Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Perhaps Leicestershire Constabulary Might Answer This Jim Gamble Question?


Given that Leicestershire Constabulary's behaviour is every bit as anomalous as Jim Gambles, surely they can give us the answer.

In fact I would go as far as to say, substitute the words Jim Gamble with those of Leicestershire Constabulary and you would hardly notice difference, just about every talking point is exactly the same.

But what is most definitely the same, cloned in fact, is you, the CEOP and you, Leicester plod, have spunked away any bit of credibility that you may have once possessed.

And you have both spunked it away for the same bloke, Gerry McCann!

You've wanked away your credibility for Gerry, "there is no evidence to suggest that Madeleine has come to serious harm," McCann. What an earth are we supposed to make of that?

Providing a Second to None Police Service! Stroll on! does nobody get embarrassed anymore?

....Why then does Gamble, a policeman of some years standing, whose entire professional life has been spent amassing and interpreting evidence in the prosecution of the bad guys, now suddenly find the need to part with his fundamental beliefs and work practices. Gambles police tradition and training is but the very foundation and bedrock in the adversarial process of prosecution yet Gamble now forsakes his intelligence and rational, one that has plainly stood him in good stead as he attained a most senior rank within the police force, for the mindset of mystery, of cartoon drawing and questionable associations that owe more to the PR industry, to advertising and to money making than the judicial investigative process.

The serious matter of addressing the facts surrounding the McCanns as persons with a history as suspects in a police investigation into the disappearance of their own daughter seems to be just one of the many salient facts in question that Gamble was eager to dispense with even from the very first days of the police investigation. The Portuguese police on searching the McCanns Mark Warner apartment were astounded to find CEOP manuals, documents and reading material. All of this was thoughtfully supplied from Gambles organisation. This even despite the warnings that some of the literature carried which amazed the Portuguese police as it was clearly marked as only fit for circulation to staff members and trained professionals. Gambles loyalty to the McCanns knows no bounds.

It is therefore only natural we all should address the burning question as to why it might be that Gamble chooses to display such utter oneness with the McCanns in what is after an abduction scenario the McCanns invented. This abduction scenario is one entirely manufactured by the McCanns and is one for which there is no evidence either in terms of support or justification, apart that is from exonerating the parents liability at all times. lots more McCann Unravels